Hurricane Sandy 2012

Disaster relief organizations across the country are responding to the devastation from Super Storm Sandy.  This map provides real-time analysis.  Use the Info, Social Media, and Options tabs to control the layers of data.

Type Natural Disaster: Hurricane
Landfall Date Monday, October 19, 2012
Landfall Location Lower Township, NJ
Associated DR Info

Hurricane Sandy DR Info: ARC DRO 119-13

Hurricane Sandy - DE MD ARC DRO 122-13

Hurricane Sandy - VA ARC DRO 137-13

Hurricane Sandy - WV ARC DRO 140-13

Hurricane Sandy - PA ARC DRO 144-13

Hurricane Sandy - NJ ARC DRO 145-13

Hurricane Sandy - NY ARC DRO 146-13

Hurricane Sandy - NC ARC DRO 147-13

Hurricane Sandy - MA ARC DRO 156-13 Hurricane Sandy - CT RI  

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Use the "Options" tab on the map to toggle on/off layers and to enable social media data ("Hurricane Sandy [feed]").

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